Trust Me

Keeping Your Information in Confidence

Everything I do for you or your business is confidential.  Your work or, rather, the work I perform for you, will not be discussed in any manner in any forum with any person or entity.  I understand that in order to do my job, you may make me privy to proprietary information, trade secrets, or other details about you or your business that you do not want made public.  They will stay private and between us.  This issue is so important to me as a professional that it is covered by and included in my contract with you.

I Stay Behind the Scenes

I am a ghostwriter and ghosteditor.  The emphasis is on “ghost.”  I do not write under my own name for clients.  For all intents and purposes, I “stand in your shoes” and am your voice for the project for which you hire me.  As far as your clients, prospective customers, potential employers, or anyone else for that matter would be concerned, I do not exist.  No one other than you and I needs to (or will) know that I am working with you and vice-versa.  Neither my name, nor Ghost-Ed-It’s, will appear anywhere in or on work performed for you or your business.  Further, you maintain the copyrights or trademarks for any work I generate for you (absent agreement to the contrary).