Who I Am

Aside from the fact that I am intelligent, gifted, and creative (but you already knew that), I am the right person to help you with your business or career transition writing needs.

I have always believed that words should be chosen carefully; even in kindergarten when I told my teacher she was loquacious (“full of excessive talk”).  Later, I could not understand why the diagrams of the sentences and paragraphs we wrote were more important than what they said or the story they told.  Creativity was stifled and conformity (for the mere sake of conformity) was lauded.  I thought I hated writing.

In truth, I had no idea what writing was until college.  I was a Biology major when I started at Brandeis University.  Despite my scientific bent, I was required to take certain non-science “paper” classes.  Although the length of papers was loosely proscribed, the style and level of creativity was not.  It was through these papers that I understood I had a voice, style, and tone all my own.  I wound up becoming a Philosophy major, researching, writing, and arguing my way through college and into law school.

In law school, I became a thorough researcher, a clear and persuasive writer, and a meticulous editor.  As an attorney, my writing had to be grammatically correct and measure up to the critical eye of a Federal judge, while putting forth creative and persuasive arguments for the benefit of my clients.  However, perhaps the most-important skill I learned was how to “translate” complex and technical laws and concepts into plain English for my clients.

When I transitioned into business consulting I was, often, the voice of my clients.  I prepared marketing materials, website content, business plans, and virtually every other type of written material someone in business could need so that they could effectively communicate with customers and clients of all educational levels and socioeconomic backgrounds.

I have spent the last 25 years artfully using the written word to make points, make the complex simple, and sell ideas.  I can do it for you too.