Career Transition

For individuals, jobseekers, and college students seeking to change careers or enter the job market, I can prepare or revise the following to assist you achieve the success you seek:

  • Resumes and Curriculum Vitae – I understand the marketplace and these must be specifically tailored to the particular position being sought.
  • Cover Letters – One cover letter does not fit all jobs; these must also be customized for each job.
  • Website Content – The content on your website needs to be clear, inviting, and understandable to your target audience.  Unless you are a writer by trade, you should use a professional.
  • Website “Freshening” – Is your website content stale?  Do you have out-of-date information?  If you can not remember the last time you updated your website, it is time to do it.
  • Social Media Posts and Profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs) – These must be appropriate for the form of media; what works on Twitter, might not work on LinkedIn.  Additionally, your profiles need to be kept up-to-date, making sure to include your most recent information and accomplishments.