What I Do…


…If You Are In Business

No one really knows who said, “You get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Nonetheless, it is true, especially when speaking about websites.  One of the most important aspects of business today is a good website.  A good website leads to greater exposure, which leads to increased website traffic which, in turn, leads to increased sales or more clients which, ultimately, leads to greater profits.  Your website is your proverbial “first impression” and, studies have shown, that prospective customers and clients will form that first impression in .2 seconds.  In another 2.6 seconds, their impression will be all but cemented.  What this means is that if your site does not “grab” visitors in the the first less-than-three-seconds, you have probably lost them as a customer or client.  To simply compete in the market today is not enough.  Anyone can give you basic, “ho-hum” content for your website, but I can give you CONTENT that gets your business noticed.

Once you have made your good first impression, your site needs to keep your visitors engaged.  There must be thoroughly-researched, well-drafted, and impactful content.  Your website literally needs to show the world – the internet makes every business an international business – that you and your business are legitimate, serious players in your industry.  Further, your unique selling proposition, your brand, and why you are better and/or different from your competitors.  Everything that a site visitor encounters (i.e., logo, visuals, and navigation menus) goes into making a judgment about you and your brand.  If your website has inarticulate, poorly-written, and incoherently displayed content, the prospective customers will question your company’s quality of work; conversely, clear, well-written, and easily-understood content indicates high quality and professionalism, translating into higher sales and more clients.  I have the unique skills and understanding of the business world to give you and your business a compelling voice that will attract people to your website and keep them engaged when they get there, turning “clicks” into customers.  Additionally, once you have your content, I can make sure that it stays current and interesting to your existing and potential future customers and clients.

When you are in business, there are a seemingly endless number of things that need to be done on a daily basis.  Payroll, human resources, marketing, and website maintenance are just a few.  As the day-to-day operator of a business, it is all but impossible to keep track of everything that needs to be accomplished, let alone actually accomplish them.  The pressures are undeniably brutal.  I can relieve that pressure by, in addition to providing exciting website content, researching, drafting, and/or editing almost any written or verbal form of communication, on-line or off-line that you would need for your business to succeed.

…If You Are Transitioning Careers or Looking for Employment

Changing or starting your career, be it voluntarily or involuntarily, can be, at best, intimidating, and, at worst, downright scary; this will likely be a very emotional and frightening time.  One thing is for certain, it is not easy to do in today’s world.  It is difficult in good times, let alone bad ones, to accurately represent yourself.  That is, write about who you are and why a prospective employer wants…no…should…no…NEEDS to hire you.  Your  online profiles (e.g., LinkedIn, Indeed) have to be well-written and organized in order to attract “wanted” attention (My LinkedIn profile is rated “All Star”).

Your online profiles are not, however, the only components of your, for lack of a better term, “transition.”  You need a resume and cover letter for every job for which you apply.  Neither of these is a static document; they need to be fluid and constantly changing.  Both your resume and cover letter need to be tailored to the position you seek and, not just up-to-date, but up-to-the-minute.  You need to not only write about yourself, but paint a picture to the prospective employer that accurately reflects their need for the position they are trying to fill.  What are the specific job requirements?  You must make sure you “tick all the boxes,” while simultaneously making a compelling “case” for yourself for that job — for each position you seek.

It is, quite simply, not so simple.  You need to do all of this while maintaining your status quo.  You probably do not have the time, knowledge, or experience to do the social networking and other necessities of being or becoming an individual in today’s business world.  I understand the marketplace and can (i) help craft your online presence and (ii) tailor your resume and cover letter to the position you are seeking.  By having a professional like myself help you, you stand a greater chance of obtaining the job and success you want.